Welcome to Suite at the Beach

Remember the days when the whole family would flock to the beach for a kicked back “family” vacation with no TVs, no phones, just plain old family fun with brothers, sisters, cousins and a few crazy old aunts and uncles! Don’t you wish that someone in the family still owned that beachfront place where you could visit and share great times with your family, and build memories like you had as a child. Well, here we are!

Welcome to the Carnival Inn and Suite at the Beach Property Management. We are one of the very few remaining family-owned Mom and Pop hotels along Myrtle Beach’s famous Grand Strand. We have been here for nearly 40 years and our family and guests have been vacationing here since we opened in 1974. We just love seeing third and fourth generation guests with their mom’s and dad’s… and at the Carnival, you’re as likely to be greeted with a hug as a “Hello”!

Unlike yesterday, we have all the items you expect: TV, internet, a heated pool, and a fabulous view of the Ocean. Our “backyard” has what everyone dreams of, a heated oceanfront pool and a lush green lawn area where you can sit under an umbrella and enjoy lunch, or just hang out in a chaise lounge chair and catch some rays. Beyond our dunes is what you’re here for – the wide, soft, sandy beach and the deep blue sea sparkling in the sun.

So come on down and let the ocean breeze sweep away the cobwebs from your mind. Let the sun recharge your “soul”er panels, and enjoy your “family” vacation with our family.

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